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Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips review

Lip Therapy Rosy Lips Review

Vaseline Lip Therapy has been formulated with triple-purified Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that locks in moisture for long-lasting care. The range include four variants: Original, Aloe, Cocoa Butter and Rosy, the last of which delivers a pretty pink tint and a delicious red berry scent.

I've been using regular vaseline petroleum jelly for years on my lips. Until I discovered the incredible game changing lip therapy. Whenever my lips feel cracked or dry it's my go to. I never leave the house without it in my handbag oh no. Had my lip therapy in cocoa butter for over 2 months now, a dab of the finger from the pot to the lips is all it takes to do the job.

I am not a fan of gloss but for a more tinted version I definitely will try the rosy lips. Keeps my lips softsmooth, moisturized and smell great. I personally loved Vaseline products as a whole and then I discovered the lip therapy, the first one I bought was the Aloe one and there after I came across the rosy lips and coco butter and I am completely obsessed, I have to ensure that I buy at least 2 for the month! Definitely a hand bag essential. Whether your looking for just a moisturizer or something to do that and give you a natural looking pretty lip tint and shine.

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A must have! Got myself this vaseline aloe lip therapy and im a fan! Here's to happy lips all day every day. I have bee using it for years as it was in the UK long before it came to South Africa.

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Now that its here i couldn't be happier. If you like soft, glowy lips all day then you'll love this. I won't buy another lip balm type product again. This product is self explanatory. Soothes the lips. This lip therapy is great on my lips, used to have chapped lips but now my lips are smooth and moisturized at all times.Search for a product. Testers' gallery. Buy Now.

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Review Filters All Reviews. View 15 per page 20 per page 30 per page 40 per page 50 per page. Filter All Reviews. Vaseline Lip Therapy Mini rose tint is a must-have! I love the Vaseline minis - I have original. I love the scent of the Rose mini - not overwhelming and very pleasant.

Are use this throughout the day every day which prevents me from having chapped lips. If you are a new user it will only take 2 to 3 days to see the results if use as recommended.

Vaseline, in my opinion, is the most trusted brand for lip care. I love the mini size as I keep one in my purse, office desk drawer, tote bag, bathroom and the list goes on!

I highly recommend this product!!

vaseline lip therapy rosy lips review

I use this every Winter to keep my lips moist and this product does excatly what it says I highly recommend this product Tiffany Wheatland Home Tester 70 Reviews.

I've used this for several years. It's perfect for wearing alone or with a light makeup look.

vaseline lip therapy rosy lips review

It's especially great in winter as it leaves your lips well protected. Leaves lips looking rosey and natural. Jennifer Salem Home Tester 5 Reviews.This tiny, ickle little jar of Vaseline has a rosy tint with a berry vanilla flavor to keep dry lips super moist and hydrated all Winter long. My mom raised us on Vicks and Vaseline. Always toting around pots of Vaseline and Vicks proclaiming it was a cure all for everything. She does actually! It keeps them smooth, soft, hydrated, and I totally believe it does wonders for my chapped lips.

So of course, when Vaseline told me that there would be a new Rosy Lips version I was excited! And it tastes rather lovely too berries and vanilla mmmm! The pot is really small but you can of course use it on other areas as well just like Rosebud Salve it multitasks.

vaseline lip therapy rosy lips review

Under your eyes Jennifer Aniston swears by iton your cuticles, on your elbows and knees, mix it with sugar to create a lip scrub, the uses are endless. Now I need to stock up on more for my makeup bag, on my vanity, my night table…. My mom is the same! She swears that you can use Vicks for everything bruises, bumps, mosquito bites, achy muscles, etc. Just picked this up at target today!

And it gives just the sheerest tint of color, just warms the lips up a tad and gives them a nice look. Thinking this may be a good stocking stuffer for my sister in law as she is also a rosebud salve fan.

Oh my god you just described my grandma! It would have burnt like hell! I just picked mine up!! Less of a color pay of but just as good! Wow, Muse! If this product is just ever so slightly tinted, does that mean that your lips are naturally this rosey? How lucky! My lips are so pale…. I hate it I wish I had pale lips!

Haha, too funny! My mom is all about the Vicks too. It evidently works for coughs, soar throats and colds of all sorts. My mom and your mom must have read the same mom guide book or something, Muse!

Whenever I used to get a cold, my mom would get out the Vicks and Vaseline and slather it on for me xD Nowadays, I still have the same habit but I find that wearing an overnight mask around the nose does the trick better than vaseline, hahaha.

I cannot wait to snap up this though! Totally going to pick one up for my mom as well.This review is for the rosy lips that comes in the stick. The biggest downside to this product is that it is not long lasting or moisturizing.

That being said, it provides a very pretty hint of I love the regular rosy lips, I like this one also but less in This stuff is amazing!!! This lip balm is super good to leave on overnight to ensure hydrated lips the next day!

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This has a really natural rosy pink I have extremely dry and chapped lips that bleed very easily. There are three things that now help me to keep my lips healthy: - Clinique Repairwear the silver For a lip balm that's available at most chemists and supermarkets, this is a decent product.

It leaves a tiny red tint on lips that looks natural, and somehow healthy. I'm not sure if Vaseline This has been my lip HG for years now and I always carry a tin with me and use it every day.

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It's not too thick or sticky and leaves my lips feeling soft and nourished. I really like the subtle I love Vaseline lip products, I fell for this one because of the cute packaging.

However upon applying it the rose scent is very heavy and worse, the taste! Ever accidentally get perfume in your I've repurchased this a few times over and now have my daughter using it as well. Keeps lips soft and supple Many days I'll I never really appreciated Vaseline until I saw how expensive makeup and any type of skincare was.Subscriber Account active since. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Get it now on Libro.

I've used two of them and they each work equally well. Vaseline Instagram. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners.

Learn more. I've always thought of the winter season as a hellscape. When temperatures plummet, my lips morph into what can only be described as scorched earth inflamed by blustery dry air and winds.

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What I'm left with is a painful inconvenience: cracked lips that burn and hurt to the touch. I've dabbled in numerous remedies — some effectiveothers not so much. After years of testing "cool" brands, I endured a ghastly rash and learned that my lips are quite sensitive and require simple ingredients — not cute packaging and products with bold promises that only dried my lips further. Following in my mom's footsteps, I now use Vaseline Lip Therapy — a basic yet tried-and-true solution.

Vaseline seals in moisture and nourishes parched lips with petroleum jelly, a gooey-like substance comprised of a mix of oils and waxes. While it doesn't technically have healing properties on a chemical levelit acts as an effective barrier, much like a Band-Aid. I find this ideal for when my lips are scaly and cracked, as they need extra shielding against the elements.

vaseline lip therapy rosy lips review

As an overnight treatment, I slather it on in a thick layer. Come sunrise, and my lips are soft and smooth for the day — with the occasional reapplication post-lunch. For going out, I typically apply it over dry matte lipstick or opt for the Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy if I want to sport a subtle pink hue. The packaging is nothing special it comes in both tins and little plastic potsbut at just two bucksit's a no-brainer compared to high-end glosses and lip therapies.

There's a raging debate happening online about whether or not petroleum jelly is harmful. If you're concerned, this article from Refinery29 explains both sides in great detail, but let me break it down for you here. Refined petroleum jelly is extensively filtered and purified. Though some steps in the refining process do produce carcinogens, the final product is proven to be non-carcinogenic. Refinery29 reports that properly refined petroleum products "carry zero risk of cancer, and zero risk of reproductive or developmental toxicity, according to current scientific information.

Still, it's not a particularly eco-friendly option since it's derived from petroleum. Pollution from drilling, producing, and refining petroleum may have grisly implications.

While I generally try to abide by the doctrine of sustainability, my personal justification is that my Lip Therapy treatment lasts for an exceptionally long time, so I'm not replacing it often.It looks like a vibrant pink in the cool vintage tin but gives a barely noticeable sheer pink tinge when smeared over lips.

And smear you must. This stuff looks thick in the tin, and it is kind ofbut it melts into a creamy balmlike texture when you dip your finger in it.

Getting it out of the tin can be a little messy, but it feels deliciously silky and conditioning once applied. Those who suffer from chronically chapped lips have relied on the brand for decades, and there's no secret why: the thick petrolatum formula does a number soothing dry, chapped anythings—elbows, knees, heels, and especially lips.

Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips Review

And this adorable pink vintage tin stays true to its name, keeping lips crazy soft and conditioned every time you smear it on.

The upgraded formula is spiked with titanium dioxide for added protection and moisturization, so lips stay supple, longer. Which also means less dipping your fingers into the messy pot to reapply, and for that we are grateful. It doesn't do much in the color department, despite the bright pink you see in the pot.

But it does provide a healthy sheen, which lasts a good couple of hours and stays put through mealtime. What It Is A hydrating lip balm with a subtle pink tint for severely chapped lips. WHY WE LIKE IT: Those who suffer from chronically chapped lips have relied on the brand for decades, and there's no secret why: the thick petrolatum formula does a number soothing dry, chapped anythings—elbows, knees, heels, and especially lips. Keywords vaseline tinted lip balm editors picks.All references in the BetBull Rules to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

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This $2 lip balm nourishes and protects my painfully dry lips better than anything else I've tried

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