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Ordersend mql4

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How to Submit an Order with MQL4 code, let’s open a trade!

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Featured on Meta.Not built-in, you need to program it. See SymbolInfoSessionTrade if you need to determine market close by code. OrderSend sends the request, network delivers, placed in the server queue. Once it reaches the top of the queue, you get filled or not, and the result delivered back to the terminal.

Normally it is the milliseconds the network takes to deliver is the limiting factor, but it can take minutes to do a trade because of the servers during news. I do get trades when the time requirement is removed. Not sure why this is happening.

Can someone take a look?

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I know I have unmatched data errors. Still looking into solving that. OrderSend question. To add comments, please log in or register. If I use OrderSend is the order taken at the next tick? Calculate lots size Coding help strategy tester zero results. Marco vd Heijden Giang Nguyen William Roeder Giang Nguyen : You can use this:. William Roeder : Nothing to do with ticks. When something changes, the server sends an update, that is called a tick. The EA won't see it during the OrderSendbut other charts will.

Write one. Compute when and then send. You can ignore the unmatched data errors for now. The problem is most likely in some condition never becoming true. Print and check the values. Don't look at it unless you have an error. Don't just silence the compiler, it is trying to help you. What are Function return values? How do I use them? Don't use NULL except for pointers where you explicitly check for it. Don't hard code numbers.Trading Search Engine.

Detailed error information may be retrieved on failure with the GetLastError function. RefreshRates.

ordersend mql4

Print "OrderCloseBy failed. Example: Routine to delete all buy stop orders for the current symbol with given OrderMagicNumber. Note: Price and expiration may only be changed on pending orders. Some trade servers may disable pending order expiration time.

Building your own trading bot using MetaTrader 4 and MQL4

Example: Function to modify a newly entered MT4 order to add the stoploss and takeprofit fields with a given ticket called OrderModify. Returns the ticket number of the order if the OrderSend function succeeds, otherwise returns -1 on failure of the OrderSend function. Prices used to open or close trades must be normalized using the NormalizeDouble function with Digits as the second parameter.

Due to U. Some brokers have disabled the expiration time on their trade servers. This may be any trade operation enumeration.

Opening and Placing Orders

This may be used to differentiate between orders. The default value is NULL. May be used to differentiate between orders.

The defalut value is 0.

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The default value is 0 no expiration. This function takes the trade operation as the type parameter, and returns the ticket number if the OrderSend function succeeds, otherwise -1 if OrderSend fails.

On failure, use the Print routine with the GetLastError function to return the error number such as:. Normally, error checking should be done after OrderSend returns a ticket number with IsTradeAllowed Sleep.

OrderSend question.

For updates. Triangular Arbitrage Triangular Arbitrage Lot Size. Basket Stats. Basket Stats Time. Pairs Trading MT4 Indicator.A buy stop order is placed above the current price, while a sell stop order is placed below the current price. The trader expects that the price will rise to the buy stop level or fall to the sell stop level and continue in that direction in profit.

In MQL4, there are two parameters that must be changed within the OrderSend function to adjust it for stop orders, as we see in the following buy stop example:. We want a negative sign - here after Bid because we will be subtracting pips from the Bid price to represent a level below the market in which we want to enter into with the sell stop. Limit Orders are the opposite of the stop order. A buy limit order is placed below the current price, while the sell limit order is placed above the current price.

The trader expects that the price will lower to the buy limit level, or rise to the sell limit level, trigger the order, then reverse direction for profit.

Again, only the first and third parameters are modified. Here is an example of a Sell Limit Order:. Suppose you want to put in an expiration for the pending buy stop order. This expiration time is located in the second to last parameter, and it needs to be in seconds.

For instance, suppose I had an EA that worked on an hourly chart, and I wanted it to expire in 6 hours. Sometimes I like to optimize this expiration time, and thus I like to put it in an extern variable.

Suppose I want to optimize the expiration in hours. Then I create an extern variable called PendingExpirationHours and a double that calculates the hours:. Now, if I want to, I can go ahead and optimize PendingExpirationHours fromwith a step of 1, to see which hour works best for an expiration time of the pending order.

Skip to content. Pending Stop Order A buy stop order is placed above the current price, while a sell stop order is placed below the current price.OrderSend is the function name.

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The function returns the ticket number 'ticket' is the unique number of an order that is assigned to the order by the trade server, or -1, if the trade request has been rejected by either the server or the client terminal. In order to get information about the reasons for rejection of the trade request, you should use the function GetLastError below we will consider some of the most common errors.

Each symbol corresponds with the value of a string variable. However, if you are going to use the Expert Advisor in the window of any other symbol, you can use the standard function Symbol. This function returns a string value that corresponds with the name of the symbol, in the window of which the EA or script is being executed. The type of operation can be specified as a predefined constant or its value, and according to the type of the trade. For market orders, you must always check the account for the sufficiency.

For pending orders, the amount of lots is not limited. It is specified according to the requirements and limitations accepted for making trades see Order Characteristics and Rules for Making Trades.

If the price requested for opening of market orders has not been found in the price thread or if it has considerably outdated, the trade request is rejected.

However, if the price is outdated, but present in the price thread and if its deviation from the current price ranges within the value of slippage, this trade request will be accepted by the client terminal and sent to the trade server.

This parameter is not processed for placing of pending orders. It is set according to the requirements and limitations accepted for making trades see Order Characteristics and Rules for Making TradesRequirements and Limitations in Making Trades. The last part of the comment can be modified by the trade server. It can be used as the user-defined order identifier. In some cases, it is the only information that helps you to find out about that the order belongs to one or another program that has opened it.

The parameter is set by the user; its value can be the same or other than the value of this parameter of other orders. As soon as this day comes, the pending order will be closed automatically on the server side. On some trade servers, there may be a prohibition for setting the expiration date for pending orders. In this case, if you try to set a non-zero value of the parameter, the request will be rejected. On some trade servers, there can be a limit set for the total amount of opened and pending orders.

If this limit is exceeded, any trade request that implies opening a market order or placing a pending order will be rejected by the trade server.

The function OrderSend may at first seem to be too intricate. However, all considered parameters are quite simple, helpful and can be successfully used in your trading.

In order to see this for ourselves, let's consider the simplest variation of how the trade function OrderSend is used for opening a market order.

First of all, we should note that function OrderSend has predefined parameters see Function Call and Function Description and Operator 'return'.

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This means that this function can be used in a simplified mode using the minimum required set of parameters. These parameters are as follows:. Let our script imply the possibility to open an order in any symbol window. In this case, we will substitute the standard function Symbol as this parameter. Below is the simplest script, simpleopen.What does it mean for your Expert Advisor?

How can you find the part of your code that is causing the error? We tackle all this and more…. To start off, a formal definition from our friend, MQL4 Documentation:. Ordersend Error is briefly mentioned in other sections of the documentation. But not a worry! The video below is usually part of a paid course. Here you have the chance to see it for free. So… you launched your expert advisor and… nothing happens.

Just silence.

ordersend mql4

This can go on forever…. There is no way to pick up this error through expert advisor logs or even terminal logs. The only way to catch it is by adding the right failsafe mechanisms into your code. If yes, then that is a signal from MetaTrader 4 telling us that there was a problem with the request. The error code is then printed out onto the screen using Alert and the built-in GetLastError function. This code will give a pop-up window like in the image up at the top of this article.

Invalid stops is the real name for the culprit we are dealing with today. So what does invalid stops in MetaTrader 4 actually mean?

ordersend mql4

As we can see, the issue is always with one or many of the prices that your Forex Robot specified in its request to the trade server. Big NO-NO…. This code will work fine on a 4-digit broker, however will fail on a 5-digit broker. The reason is that on a 4-digit broker, Point equals to 0.

Basically, with no additional adjustments, on a 5-digit broker the EA will be attempting to set the StopLoss and TakeProfit at only 2 and 4 pips away from the Bid price respectively!

In these situations multiplying inputs by 10 can actually lead to erroneous performance. Note: I plan on posting a separate article where we will discuss how to create our own modules to detect the number of digits after the decimal.In the last module, we went over the basic Expert Advisor and how to create input parameters. Today we are going to do something more useful with an Expert Advisor : open a trade. This table details each of the parameters required to set when using the function.

Any other values seem to cause the function to fail. This may look bad, but if you set your slippage too small you may not get the trade at all. Note: Your EA does not need to be running for the stoploss to work. This value will be lower than your open price for Buy orders and greater than the open price for Sell orders.

Both the stoploss and takeprofit parameters must be in exact terms of the price, so you need to do some math here. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get the 0.

Looking For Indicators & Expert Advisors For Metatrader?

I personally think the OrderSend function could have been written to simply accept a relative value like 15 for the stoploss instead of requiring an absolute price value like 1. This value will be higher than your open price for Buy orders and less than the open price for Sell orders. The rest of this parameter is just like the stoploss. It is saved with the trade and appears in the comment window in the trading terminal. It has no meaning for market orders. In my experience it does not work for pending orders either.

The OrderSend function will return a value back after it has finished running. In MQL, like most languages, a negative number is a bad thing and zero or a positive number is usually a good thing — indicating the function executed successfully. The help file is very useful. Even as an experienced MQL programmer, I refer to the help often.

If you have trouble, try setting this to 1. This wraps up our lesson on opening a trade with an Expert Advisor. This limited amount of information is dangerous, so be careful with this code and please, only run this on a demo account!

Name Data Type Description symbol string The symbol of the currency. See the table below. This value must be calculated using the price and the currency point value. Most of these parameters are pretty straight forward, but a few require a bit of an explanation.

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